Open PhD position at UiT/Norway

PhD in the CHOCO research group in Tromsø   PhD Candidate in Computational Chemistry (Catalyst Design) The PhD fellow will employ quantum chemical methods to investigate and design catalysts for converting CO2. As of today, chemical synthesis is largely based on starting materials coming from fossil-based resources such as oil. …

New FET-Open Grant to the Hammarström Group

The NordCO2 PI Leif Hammarström is coordinating a new EU funded project funded through the FET open call. The FET calls for ambitious innovations that has a radical vision and represents a technological breakthrough.

There is no doubt Hammarström fullfills these criteria trying to make fuels from CO2 using artificial photosynthesis inside soap bubbles. NordCO2 congratulate Hammarström and his collaborators from 6 different countries in Europe with the new project called Sofia. 

Read more about SoFiA here.