New collaboration article by the Hopmann/Bayer and Skrydstrup groups

Abstract We have developed a carbonylative approach to the synthesis of diversely substituted 2-aroylbenzoate esters featuring a new protocol for the carbonylative coupling of aryl bromides with boronic acids and a new strategy to favour carbonylative over non-carbonylative reactions. Two different synthetic pathways – (i) the alkoxycarbonylation of 2-bromo benzophenones …

New research article by the Hopmann/Bayer group

Abstract A formal C‐H carboxylation of unactivated arenes using CO2 in green solvents is described. The present strategy combines a sterically controlled Ir‐catalyzed C‐H borylation followed by a Cu‐catalyzed carboxylation of the in situ generated organoboronates. The reaction is highly regioselective for the C‐H carboxylation of 1,3‐disubstituted and 1,2,3‐trisubstituted benzenes, …

New communication from the Skrydstrup group

An extensive range of functionalized aliphatic ketones with good functional‐group tolerance has been prepared by a NiI‐promoted coupling of either primary or secondary alkyl iodides with NN2 pincer NiII‐acyl complexes. The latter were easily accessed from the corresponding NiII‐alkyl complexes with stoichiometric CO. This Ni‐mediated carbonylative coupling is adaptable to late‐stage carbon isotope labeling, as illustrated by the preparation of isotopically labelled pharmaceuticals. Preliminary investigations suggest the intermediacy of carbon‐centered radicals.

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