The Annual Report for 2019 is (finally) here!


It took its time, but we are happy to present to you the NordCO2 Annual Report for 2019!
After 9 months of pandemic, it is refreshing to read about a time when we were able to travel and gather. It seems we will soon be able to do this again and we are looking forward to it.


You can read the report here 🙂


P.S. Our apologies to Cuong Dat Do for the typo in page 26 đŸ˜±

Steering Committee Meeting 26.11.2020

The NordCO2 Steering Committee met last Thursday to discuss the outcomes of the Annual Meeting as well as the activities for 2021, amongst other things. The meeting was held in Teams with 10 attendees, including our new student representative Liselotte Karulf (from Helsinki University), who is taking over for Jere Mannisto (also from Helsinki University). Thanks to Jere for his contribution and welcome to Liselotte!