Nordic Consortium for CO2 Conversion


This page presents the current and upcoming activities organised by the consortium. For past events, check our Previous Activities page.

Annual Meeting 2024

27th-30th May 2024, Gran 🇳🇴

This time will be the last!
Our last consortium-wide gathering will take place at the Hotell Hadeland, located in the Gran municipality just about 1 hour north of Oslo.


Day 1, Monday 27th May

16:30     Bus departure from the University of Oslo, Department of Chemistry.

17:30     Bus departure from Gardermoen.

18:15     Arrival at Hotel Hadeland

19:00     Welcome dinner

Day 2, Tuesday 28th May

8:30        PI Talk: Mårten Ahlquist (KTH)

9:00       Presentation: Sahil Gahlawat (UiT)

9:20       Presentation: Ruth Ebenbauer (AU)

9:40        Presentation: Lucía M. González (UiO)

10:00     Coffee break

10:20     PI Talk: Timo Repo (HU)

10:50     Presentation: Dušanka Golo (KTH)

11:10     Presentation: Liselotte Karulf (HU)

11:30     PI Talk: Belén Martin-Matute (SU)

12:00     Lunch

14:00     Activity: VeloxChem – Mårten Ahlquist (KTH)

15:00     Free time / Hike activity

19:00     Dinner & Poster session

Day 3, Wednesday 29th May

9:00       PI Talk: Egill Skúlason (UoI)

9:30       Presentation: Baljeet Singh (HU)

9:50        Presentation: Xu Han (AU)

10:10     Coffee break

10:30     PI Talk: Troels Skrydstrup (AU)

11:00     Presentation: Aurore Denjean (UiO)

11:20     Presentation: Ting Zhang (AU)

11:40     Presentation: Zahra Eshaghi Gorji (HU)

12:00     Lunch

14:00     PI Talk: Ainara Nova (UiO)

14:30     Activity: Building a consortium – Ainara nova (UiO)

16:30     Free time / Hike activity

17:00     Steering Committee

19:00     Dinner

Day 4, Thursday 30th May

8:00       Bus from Hotell Hadeland to Oslo airport Gardemoen and UiO

Practical Information:

We recommend that you arrive at the Oslo airport (Gardemoen) at 17:15, we have arranged transport around 17:30. For those who arrive earlier, you can drop your luggage at UiO: the bus will depart from there at 16:30.
For departures, we have organised a bus from the hotel on the 30th of May at 08:00. The bus will stop at the airport and then at UiO. If you need to leave earlier, please contact us at so we may help you organise your trip.

Scientific sessions: There will be 16 presentations by the scientific staff involved with NordCO2, including 6 talks by NordCO2 PIs.

Outdoor Activities / Free time: NordCO2 PhD student Inga Schmidtke has organised hikes in the viccinity of Hotell Hadeland.

Cocktail Poster Session: as per our tradition, we will have an evening poster session. As this is the last time, we kindly encourage you all to bring posters from your NordCO2 research, especially collaborations, no matter when they are from.

Travel refund: see our Travel Information page.

Monthly Seminars

The NordCO2 Monthly Seminars is a series of lectures by experts in the fields relevant to the NordCO2 consortium as well as student talks about their recently published works. The seminars are organised each month by a different institution from the NordCO2 consortium, and the lectures are often accessible to the public. The seminars are held in Zoom, and registration links are in the description of each event.