October 1st to 4th 2019, Uppsala, Sweden

2019 NordCO2 Summer School on ‘Energy carriers from CO2‘ (for example formation of methanol or CO from CO2). The Summer school will be open for students outside NordCO2, provided they have own financing for their trip and accomodation. The sommer school is organized together with the ITN “European School on Artificial Leaf:Electrodes Devices”, with overlapping program for 2 of the 4 days.

Please note that the 2019 NordCO2 Summer school was originally planned to take place on Iceland in August, but for organisatorial reasons the school is moved to Uppsala. NordCO2 plans to arrange a summer school on Iceland in 2020.

September 19th and 22nd 2019, Tromsø, Norway

The Science Days is a yearly festival in Norway organized by universities on the initiative from The Research Council of Norway. NordCO2 member Yngve Guttormsen used dry ice to show the shift between liquids and gas, such as the condensation of H2O(g) in air, CO2 in carbonated drinks, and other easily observable phenomena. He used dry ice in varm water and collected gas and condensation in balloons. He used this opportunity opportunity to talk about CO2 to the general public. Pictures of the event can be seen on UiTs Facebook page.

June 16-20th 2019, Helsinki, Finland

NordCO2 orgainzes a  parallell scientific track on CO2 conversion at the EuCOMC 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. The NordCO2 member Timo Repo is co-organizer of EuCOMC 2019. The parallel track is planned for June17th and will include 3 outstanding plenary speakers, 3 keynote speakers and 6 contributed talk on use of CO2 in chemical synthesis.


March 19-20th 2019, Stockholm 

NordCO2 organized a workhop at KTH in Stockholm on the open science platform CADICAT (developed by NordCO2 member Kim Daasbjerg), which should be used for communication between nodes working on the same projects – and ultimately for open science release of projects and for industrial collaborations. Read more about the meeting HERE and about the platform HERE.


November 19-20th 2018, Aarhus, Denmark

Annual meeting of the ‘CO2 Activation Centre’ (CADIAC) at Århus University, Denmark, followed by meeting of the NordCO2 Steering Committee. Read more HERE and HERE.


September 12-14th 2018, Tromsø, Norway

PhD Course: “Mechanisms for CO2 activation” at the University of Tromsø, Norway. Read more HERE.


May 14-16th 2018, Tromsø, Norway

Kick-off meeting for NordCO2 in Tromsø. See HERE for information and HERE for a report from the meeting.


April 13-14th 2018, Tromsø, Norway

Nordic CO2 days at University of Tromsø. Outreach event for school classes and the general public.

CO2 emissions are linked to global warming and acidification of the ocean. But CO2 can also be viewed as a resource, which may replace carbon derived from oil.