Today we acknowledge our female scientists to celebrate diversity and especially #WomenInScience. The importance of gender diversity in science does not need to be proven, but still requires to be promoted.
Thanks to our leader Ainara, our PIs Annette, Belén, Kathrin and API Nina, our postdocs Anna, Ljiljana and Xiaoyu as well as our PhD students Anne, Ashleigh, Dušanka, Emi, Faranak, Isabelle, Julie, Kristina, Liselotte, Mahika, Narges and Sarah for their contribution to the present and future of chemistry!

New Year, New Leader

Ainara Nova (UiO) will now be leading NordCO2, replacing Kathrin Hopmann (UiT). They have been co-leading during 2020 for the smoothest of transitions 😎

Thanks to Kathrin for her efforts and Congratulations to Ainara 👏 👏