Monthly Seminar: May 2021

This month’s occurrence of our NordCO2 Monthly Seminars series is organised by the University of Oslo and hosted by our leader Assoc. Prof. Ainara Nova. The event includes a lecture by Dr. Aleix Comas-Vives from the University of Barcelona, titled “Theory-Aided Comprehension of CO2 Conversion on Heterogeneous Catalysts”, as well as a talk by NordCO2 PhD student Ebrahim Tayyebi from the Univesity of Iceland.

For more details as well as registration, see our Activities page.


Post-doc Position in Organic Chemistry: CO2 conversion

A 2-year post-doctoral fellowship position is now open within the CHOCO research group at UiT.

Field of research:

“The Postdoctoral Research Fellow will employ experimental organic chemistry methods to investigate organic and organometallic molecules that can bind and activate CO2. The project goal will be to design enantioselective carboxylation reactions and to obtain an in-depth mechanistic understanding of these. The work will be performed in collaboration with computational chemists in the team. The postdoc will be located at the Dept. of Chemistry and will become a member of an enthusiastic interdisciplinary research team, which combines theoretical and organic chemistry tools in the development of novel catalysts (group website:

The candidate can expect to be involved in the supervision of Master and PhD students in the group and may participate in teaching at the Department of Chemistry in an amount equivalent to a maximum 10% of a full-time employment.”

For more details and application see:

Open postdoc position in organic chemistry at UiT

A postdoctoral position in Organic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis is now open in the Department of Chemistry at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø. The position will be affiliated to the Chemical Synthesis and Analysis research group. The position is for 2 years, with the possibility of a 1-year extension.

Field of Research:

“The work will focus on the design of new renewable ligands and catalysts. The Postdoctoral Research Fellow will be responsible for preparation of new phosphine and carbene ligands as well as for transition metal complexes based on these ligands. The Postdoctoral Research Fellow will evaluate the activity of prepared ligands and complexes on several transition metal-catalyzed transformations of industrial importance.”

For more details and application see:

Open positions in computational chemistry at UiO

A PhD position and a researcher position are now open at the Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN) at UiO – spread to word to your fellow computational chemists!

Both positions can be applied for via the following links:

You can always check vacancies at SMN here!