Arctic Frontiers Conference

NordCO2 PI Annette Bayer (UIT) will present a talk on CO2 as a resource at the ‘Arctic Frontiers’ conference, Thursday 24.1, 11:30, The Edge (Kjøpmannskontoret), Tromsø, Norway. For more information, click here.



Steering Committee Meeting

NordCO2 had their second steering committee meeting this year on Nov. 20th. This time it took place at the lovely offices of iNANO at Århus University. The steering committee discussed next years conferences, positions, the exchange program, publications, future open science approaches and much more. Left: Meeting of the NordCO2 …

CADIAC meeting 2018

NordCO2 was participating in the annual meeting 2018 of the CO2 activation center CADIAC at Århus University, November 19-20. As usual, the meeting took place by the sea and featured outstanding talks on organic, organometallic and heterogeneous CO2 conversion. Several NordCO2 PIs presented their work, including Egill, Mårten, Annette, Ainara, …