Nordic Consortium for CO2 Conversion

Nordic Exchange Programme

One of the pillars of NordCO2 is the exchange of students and researchers between the different research groups through a Nordic Exchange Programme (NEP), where all groups send and host students from the consortium. The research visits are minimum 2 weeks and can last several months, up to one year.

Eligibility: This programme is open to all scientific staff within NordCO2, to be used for research visits within the consortium.

Application: You can apply by writing to, filling up this form.

Financial support: the financial support provided by the NEP for research visits is 20 000 NOK per month (adjusted to the duration of the visit), including travel.

Travel information

Nordic Exchange Blog

Below is the list of  NEP visits, with impressions from some of the exchange stays:

Aleksi Sahari (HU to AU, September 2018)Ljiljana Pavlovic (UiT to HU, Nov.-Dec. 2018)
Emi Lagerspets (HU to UU, November 2018)Aya Ismael (UiT to SU, Nov. 2018-Mar. 2019)
Xiaoyu Chen (KTH to AU, Jan.-Feb. 2019)Diego Lopez (UiT to UiO, Jan.-Mar. 2019)
Torstein Fjermestad (UiO to UoI, Apr.-May 2019)Jere Mannisto (HU to AU, May 2019)
Juan de Gracia (KTH to UiO, Nov.-Dec. 2019)Oliver Raae Gedde (AU to HU, 2019)
Kristina Sorochkina (HU to AU, October 2019)Sri Harsha Pulumati (UoI to UiO, February 2021)

Visits outside of NordCO2:

Apart from the NEP, some NordCO2 studetns have shared with us their account of visits outside the consortium:

Joakim Bøgelung Jakobsen (AU to LIKAT, Sep.-Dec. 2020)