Nordic Consortium for CO2 Conversion

Emi Lagerspets (2018)

Emi Lagerspets (HU to UU, November 2018)

Purpose of the visit

Visit to Prof. Ott. Measure the electrochemical potential of Cu complexes (from HU) with cyclic voltammetry. 


As part of the NordCO2 consortium I was able to spend some time in the Ångström laboratory at the University of Uppsala. This was made possible through the first annual NordCO2 meeting in Tromsø in May of 2018. My time at Uppsala was spend in the group of Sascha Ott, where I was able to analyse the catalytic reaction of my copper-compounds using cyclovoltammetry under the supervision of Anna Beiler.

This made it possible to understand the electrochemical differences of my compounds and gave me a deeper understanding of my catalytic reaction and what was prohibiting the reaction from succeeding. Being part of the NordCO2 consortium gave me the possibility to learn new analytical methods and made a new cooperation between the group of Sascha Ott and the group of Timo Repo possible.

The possibility of visiting different groups within the NordCO2 is an important part for me, because it allows me to learn new measurement techniques and gives me new insights to my chemistry from a different viewpoint. Both my colleague Aleksi Sahari and I have benefitted greatly from traveling within the NordCO2 and brought back new ideas, knowledge and energy from visiting other groups.


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