Carbamates from CO2

NordCO2 member Prof. Timo Repo and his co-workers have reported a facile synthesis of cyclic carbamates from amino alcohols and CO2:

The article is Open access and free to read for everyone.

image file: c8cc00636a-f1.tif
Tosyl-assisted cyclization of carbon dioxide and amino alcohols in the presence of an external base. The carbamate species must be formed first and stabilized to avoid the competing N-tosylation reaction, which prevents the formation of the desired product.


New Minireview Published

The CHOCO group at UiT has just published a Minireview on Computational Studies of C-C bond formation with CO2:
The analysis reveals interesting patterns regarding the transition state conformations, which differ depending on the metal and substrate type. The article is Open access and free to read for everyone.

Open PhD position

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Join the CHOCO group at UiT, Norway, to make catalysts for converting CO2 to useful molecules. Application deadline April 2!

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On the left: Our goal is to use CO2 as a carbon source instead of oil. On the right a chemical experiment with a CO2 ballon.