Nordic Consortium for CO2 Conversion

Nordic Consortium for CO2 Conversion

New research article by the Hopmann/Bayer group

The copper-NHC-catalyzed carboxylation of organoboranes with CO2 was investigated using computational and experimental methods. The DFT and DLPNO-CCSD(T) results indicate that nonbenzylic substrates are converted via an inner-sphere carboxylation of an organocopper intermediate, whereas benzylic substrates may simultaneously proceed along both inner- and outer-sphere CO2 insertion pathways. Interestingly, the computations predict that two conceptually different carboxylation mechanisms are possible for benzylic organoboranes, one being copper-catalyzed and one being mediated by the reaction additive CsF. Our experimental evaluation of the computed reactions confirms that carboxylation of nonbenzylic substrates requires copper catalysis, whereas benzylic substrates can be carboxylated with and without copper.

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For a list of publications by the members of NordCO2, see our Publications page!

Impressions from the Summer School in Uppsala

22 members of the NordCO2 consortium gathered at Uppsala University 1st to 4th of October for a rather late “Summer” School. The first day had the theme of CO2 reduction with lectures from Egill Skulasson (UoI), Ainara Nova (UiO), Torstein Fjermestad (UiO) and Martin Prechtl (RU), as well as a tutorial on microkinetic modeling from PhD student Lluis Artus (UiO). In the afternoon we came together with the ITN network eSCALED with a lecture from our gracious host Leif Hammarström. The next three days we spent together with lectures on H2 evolution from Vincent Artero (CEA) and catalysis, enzymes, water splitting and CO2 reduction from Marc Fontecave (CDF). We spent some time for career development lectures in the afternoon. 


The evening were spent sneaking about in the city center to look at the sights of the historic city and spending time together with new and old collegues and friends.


The last posts on the program were a full day of design thinking together with eSCALEDs partner Dolmen Design, a technical design consultancy and a half day of a practical introduction to computational chemistry by Mårten Ahlquist (KTH)

Open Position as Project Coordinator in Tromsø, Norway

Open Position as Project Coordinator in Tromsø, Norway

In the CHOCO Group there is an open position as project coordinator/project leader for a period of three years. The position is associated with the NordCO2 and CO2PERATE grants led by the CHOCO Group.

The role of coordinator will involve varied tasks in close contact with the scientific management of the projects and the administration at the institute and the faculty.

For more information and to apply click HERE


Autumn School in Uppsala

Autumn School in Uppsala

NordCO2 will have its (rather late) Summer School in Uppsala 1-4th of October. Egill Skulasson, Sascha Ott and Mårten Ahlquist are organizing this and have put together a tentative program. Tuesday and Friday will be NordCO2 specific topics and Wednesday and Thursday will be co-organized with the eSCALED project who are working on artificial photosynthesis

Next year we will organize the summer school on Iceland, as originally was planned for this year.

The Autumn School will be open to everyone, but NordCO2 students will have priority and will have covered travel and accommodation. For registration contact the NordCO2 administrator Yngve 



The program may be found HERE