Research Article: Helsinki University (Finland) and UiT (Norway)

A nice collaboration between UiT and Helsinki University  on the mechanism of carbamate formation from CO2 and amines. Congratulations to all authors! Abstract: Capture of CO2 by amines is an attractive synthetic strategy for the formation of carbamates. Such reactions can be mediated by superbases, such as 1,1,3,3,-tetramethylguanidine (TMG), with previous implications …

Monthly Seminar: June 2021

This month’s occurrence of our NordCO2 Monthly Seminars series is organised by UiT the Arctic University of Norway and hosted by NordCO2 PI Assoc. Prof. Kathrin H. Hopmann. The event features a lecture by NordCO2 Associated PI and Assoc. Prof. Nina Lock from Aarhus University, titled “Metal-organic frameworks for electrocatalytic CO2 reduction”, followed by a Q&A session. The seminar is open to all!

For more details as well as registration, see our Activities page.

New research article from KTH, Sweden

NordCO2 PI Mårten S. G. Ahlquist and collaborators have recently published an article presenting DFT calculations for the steps of the mechanism of the Ir/Co-catalyzed photocarboxylation of alkynes. Their work highlights the importance of electron transfer during the rate limiting step of the reaction. Abstract: Photocarboxylation of alkyne with carbon dioxide …