WP2 Training

Leader of WP2: Prof. Egill Skúlason, University of Iceland

NordCO2 will promote the training of early-career researchers through these activities:

  • A Nordic Exchange Program: A novel cross-border exchange program will be created, where each of the nodes annually sends a minimum of one PhD or postdoc to another node for a research visit of minimum 2 weeks and up to 1 year. The exchange will provide the student with transdisciplinary skills and will be highly beneficial for collaborative research work, as well as the career development of involved students. During 2018 to 2023, the students of the consortium will spent in total 144 months at  other institutions.
  • Shared Nordic courses: The consortium students will be able to participate in relevant courses at all the involved nodes. In addition, novel intensive courses will be created of 1-2 week lengths (3-5 ECTS), open to all interested. Some examples:
    – Novel PhD course ‘Mechanisms for CO2 activation’ given at UiT and UiO.
    – PhD course ‘Molecular Modelling’ given at KTH
    – Courses in the program ‘Chemistry for Renewable Energy’, e.g. ‘Chemical Energy Conversion and Storage’ and ‘Energy-related Materials and Catalysis’, given at UU.
    For available courses, see also Activities.
  • Nordic Summer Schools: 2 summer schools will be newly created and open to all interested PhD students/postdocs, but with priority for participants from Nordic institutions. The focus is on transdisciplinary research approaches within ‘CO2 and energy storage’ (Iceland, 2019) and ‘Fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals from CO2 ’ (Finland, 2022).