WP3 Outreach and Dissemination

Leader of WP3: Assoc. Prof. Mårten Ahlquist, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Knowledge and scientific results will be disseminated through these actions:

  • Joint articles in peer-reviewed international journals. All scientific publications will be made accessible as gold or green open access.
  • An annual meeting of the consortium with open seminars (in total 6). Each meeting will take place in a different Nordic country and will have the form of a symposium with oral presentations by PIs, students and invited speakers. Location: 2018 in Norway, 2019 in Iceland, 2020 in Sweden, 2021 in Denmark, 2022 in Finland and 2023 in Norway.
  • Participation in national and international conferences (continuous) and organization of a‘Nordic CO2 Symposium’ as a satellite meeting to an already existing international conference (2020).

Outreach to society and policy makers will occur through:

  •  A ‘Nordic CO2 day’: Arranged annually at one consortium site. Include stands, seminars, and picture exhibitions of CO2-related research from different fields (e.g. chemistry, geology, biology, philosophy) and the role of CO2 in nature, climate, food, industry, and society. The CO2 day will be held at UiT, Norway in 2018 and 2019, at AU, Denmark in 2020, at SU/KTH/UU, Sweden in 2021, at UoI, Iceland in 2022 and at HU, Finland in 2023.
  • Annual consortium report.
  • Public science articles in Nordic newspapers.