WP4 Innovation

Leader of WP4: Prof. Troels Skrydstrup, Aarhus University

The consortium has as an explicitly goal to drive forward innovation in the field of CO2 conversion and to strengthen relevant industries in the Nordic areas. The following tasks will be focused on in WP4:

  • Entrepreneurship: Continuous evaluation of the potential to initiate spin-off companies on basis of results obtained in the consortium. Several of the PIs already co-own spin-offs. Students in the consortium will be given the possibility to participate in courses on entrepreneurship.
  •  A Nordic Think-Tank: Meetings of PIs to evaluate the current status of CO2 chemistry, e.g. efficiency, selectivity, sustainability, and product scope. Conclusions and visions are disseminated in joint perspective articles. A first joint perspective on enantioselective chemical conversion of CO2 was published recently.
  • Establishment of a Nordic Industry Panel: The consortium will identify relevant Nordic industries and invite representatives to an industry panel for intersectoral exchange of knowledge and visions. The panel will be invited to annual meetings and the Nordic Think-Tank.
  • Novel research directions: Joint grant applications of consortium members to Nordic and European funding agencies in order to develop novel research ideas.