Smileys in Tourist research

This year we have worked quite intense on developing language free or at least language minimized questions about YOUR (vacation) experience. We have presented it recently at a conference.

conference 2015


In a nutshell: some concepts like challenge, time and rejuvenation as well as complex emotions like pride and triumph are relatviely easy to express non-verbally and seem to be universally understood. Other concepts showed quite a spread in how people interpreted them, sometimes due to age effects, sometimes due to cultural aspects. Our work will continue i.e. data gathering.

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Happy 2015

Happy New Year to all first-time and regular Northern Norway visitors!

The first big event – Mørketidsløpet or PolarNight Halvmarathon – was a great success. On saturday the 3rd of January over 1200 runners from over 31 countries took part in this unforgettable experience. It was snowing during the race but in the evening the sky cleared and visitors could see the Northern Lights – 2 in 1 so to say.

The next big events are theArctic Frontiers conference, 19.-23.1. with many politicians discussing at UiT – but hopefully also a bit of time to enjo our fantastic winter landscape and not to forget: the day the sun will appear over the horizon – mark the date: 21.1. and celebrate with us the return of the sun.

A few weeks later, is Sami Week here in Tromsø, where we expect also many tourists. 6.2. is the day of the Sami, i.e. their national day.

Enjoy your stay here in Northern Norway


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local food and mountainbiking in Skaidi

How do you attract people to come to Skaidi?

Skaidi? Where or what is that – you may ask.

For the third year a group of comitted bike enthusiasts arrange a unique event – local traditional seasonal food experience combined with a bike race, sightseeing and social happenings. This is Skaidi extreme.

Success? Yes, as far as from Southafrica folk travel to Northern Norway to experience this combination of food and biking.

So we look forward to interview them and find out more about their motivation to visit beautiful Northern Norway … starting to show autumn colors.

Are you also right now visiting Northern Norway: please tell us what your reason is to visit Northern Norway (survey takes approximately 5min):

You have visited Northern Norway or tok part in Skaidi extreme last year? – your impressions are also very informative – please take these short (approximately 5min) survey:

It is completely anonymous, at the end you can enter your email address if you want to be i nthe draw of amazon vouchers. Thanks for your contribution.

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Offroadfinnmark, Chess Olympiad, and Arctic Race of Norway

2014 was a warm and sunny summer – is it over? Well, we hope not, but over are two big events in Northern Norway for this year and one – the Arctic race has its final stage tomorrow in Tromsø.

Many danish, a few swedish, finnish and german mountainbikers took part in one of the toughest and longest bike races – offroadfinnmark. Why? Fantastic scenery and midnightsun as well as challenging riding was mentioned.

This is in contrast to the chess players who visited Tromsø from the 1st to the 14th of August. There focus was purely on the game. A pity.

Now Tromsø celebrates the Arctic Race of Norway – be in town!

Still in Northern Norway: tell us what your reason is to visit Northern Norway (survey takes approximately 5min):

You have visited Northern Norway – sure we also would like to get your impressions – please take our short (approximately 5min) survey:

Biking and hiking in Finnmarksvidda

Biking and hiking in Finnmarksvidda

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Onroadfinnmark and northern summer

Last week we interviewed some at Fløya – a lovely summit from which one can see Tromsø.

This weekend we head off to Alta. Our aim is to interview participants of the 444km racing event as well as tourists traveling to or back from the Northcap. You can also find our flyer at the Alta Rica hotel.

Best of all: the forecast is perfect. 25 degrees and lots of sunshine the entire next week. Perfect northern summer – no excuse or complains.

Well, some may complain that it is too warm 🙂 So jsut wait for the midnight sun, it gets a bit cooler around this time of the day, not darker but a bit cooler.

Enjoy the Northern Norwegian Summer


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NRK: Experience Northern Norway

The link below is from the norwegian broadcasting side. It lets you explore what Finnmark has to offer.

A timely information for our project. Unfortunately the videos are in norwegian

Hope to see you in summer in Northern Norway



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Our first impressions

last friday to sunday you may have encountered us asking people why are they HERE.

Well, the Midnight Sun marathon atracted many runners from all over the world. I met runners from Japane, Brazil, US, UK, Pakistan, Germany and Sweden. As well as a visitor from India who coincidentially was in town at the same time and enjoying the event.

If you read this blogg after you returned to your home country: please tell us how your experience was here:


If you are curious what we asked people at the Midnight sun marathon feel free to take our little survey (5 min) yourself.

NB: Please do not take it if you are living in Northern Norway.


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Midnightsun Marathon

Tomorrow the 25th Midnightsun Marathon will take place. The forecast is perfect for norwegians and british runners: not sunny at all, high humidity and moderate temperatures, might even be below 10 degrees!

Still, whether you run the 21km or the 42 km the scenery will be awesome – and running near midnight in daylight is an experience in itself..  We look forward to your visit of Tromsø and Northern Norway.

We hope  you find time to tell us about your experiences.

The survey can be found here:

We will also interview at Onroadfinnmark, a cycle race starting in Alta and cycling around the beautiful Finnmark, read more about this race at

In August Tromsø hosts the Chess Olympiad and the final stage of the Arctic Race.TromsøEies av Universitetet i Tromsø

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