This portal has been established to serve the following purposes:

To highlight all activities connected to North-South research at UiT.

To make North-South research more accessible to all interested parties, both within and outside UiT.

To pave way for further networking.

Background: Tromsø university has longstanding research traditions on and with the South. Springing for almost all disciplines, it has been thematically varied and geographically widespread. UiT researchers have extended experiences with projects and cooperation aimed at the exchange of knowledge and the development of educational institutions and infrastructure both in the North and the South. These activities have been profitable for UiT as well, in terms of benefitting from the establishment of research groups and international master programs. With the discontinuation of Semut, Centre for enviroment and development, North-South research at UiT lost an important coordinative and facilitating component. This initiative of establishing a network and a webportal is an attemt to fill this gap. We hope it will facilitate, visualise, emphasise and ‘synergise’ the continued North-South research at UiT.

Editor: Christine Smith-Simonsen, HSL-faculty, University of Tromsø