NORHED – a new programme

The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) is in the process of developing a new Norwegian programme for higher education and research cooperation aiming at strengthening capacity in higher education and research in LMICs. NORHED builds on and will replace Norway’s cur- rent NUFU (the Norwegian Programme for Development, Research and Education) and NOMA (Norad’s Programme for Master Studies), which are now being phased out.

Tentative timeline

• Spring 2012: Seed money – First call for proposals

• Fall 2012: First main call for proposals

for more info: NORHED


Mirroring Visual Writings in Social Sciences

Towards a greater and balanced sharing in knowledge production between different cultures.

Documentary filmmakers and social scientists have long exchanged reflections on objects and methods. Whether their form of expression has been a monograph or a documentary, they have always shared the objective of accounting for social facts. Both forms involve a critique of sources and a relationship to reality. From these experiences based on human interactions, sensual and intellectual constructions emerge. The appropriate narratives for each of these forms represent a constant challenge. The cinematographic image allows for a different rendering of the real, where emotions add a new dimension. It thus contributes to other forms of knowledge, which are expressed in research, dissemination, and education.

Since 1997, the Visual Cultural Studies Program at the University of Tromsø has developed an educational strategy based on a combination of writing and film. The practice of filming is taken into account in all its dimensions, technical and intellectual. The skills in these audio-visual forms of knowledge are not only useful for communication between social groups, and between the North and the South, they also foster intellectual sharing.

At the Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, “School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences”, EHESS, the objective of workshops on documentary filmmaking is to promote the acquisition of the special intellectual and ethical positions of cinema. The continued support of the CNRS-Images, National Center for Scientific Research, has helped to create an Award for the workshop on documentary writing. Some of the award winners are attending the event.

The Franco-Norwegian encounter aims at highlighting these two experiences through the seminar “Mirroring Visual Writing in the Social Sciences”.

Paris 22-24th November 2011