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This page presents scholars and personnel at UiT who are engaged in North-South research and networks.

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Arntsen, Bjørn, Associate professor. Keywords: West Africa, Cameroon, Tchad, Mali

Balsvik, Randi Rønning, Professor emerita. Epost: Keywords: East Africa, Ethiopia, Cameroon

Barlindhaug, Grete, Lecturer. Keywords:

Bertelsen, Reidar, Professor. Keywords:

Bjørkan, Maiken, Researcher. Keywords:

Bleie, Tone, Professor. Keywords: Asia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Thailand

Bræck, Ramstad Jorun, Associate professor. Keywords:

Djesa, Rachel Issa, Counsellor at Sesam. Keywords: West Africa, Cameroon, North-South relations, indigenous studies, visual anthropology, witchcraft, Christian mission and local culture, female circumcision cutting, intercultural communication

Douglas, Marcela, Councellor/Researcher at Dept. of Education. Keywords:Latin America, Chile, Latin American history, utopianism and totalitarianism,violence, fascistic aesthetics, propaganda film, tourism in post-conflict societies, painful experiences and video camera. 

Eide Trine, Researcher. Keywords: Culture, Conflict and Society, Human Rights Practice, Culture, Ethnicity and Indigenous Rights, Central Africa, Rwanda, Zambia

Emaus, Nina, Professor. Keywords: Zamibia

Eriksen, Sissel, Associate professor. Keywords: East Africa, Ethiopia

Evjen, Bjørg, Professor. Keywords:

Flemmen, Anne Britt, Professor. Keywords: Ethiopia

Flåten, Ola, Professor. Keywords: Asia, Vietnam

Foss, Nina, Associate professor. Keywords: Asia, Central America, Sri Lanka, Haiti

Førde, Anniken, Associate professor. Keywords: West Africa, Cameroon

Gerrard, Siri, Professor. Keywords: Central and West Africa, Cameroon, Tanzania, Ghana

Haile, Seifu Woldeyohannes, Senoirforskningstekniker. Keywords: Ethiopia

Hanson Toril, Lecturer. Keywords: Central America, Haiti

Hauan, Marit Anne, Avdelingsdirektør. Keywords:

Hays, Jennifer, Postdoc. Keywords: South Africa, Botswana

Henriksen, Kirsti Anita, Lecturer. Keywords: Middle East, Zambia and South-Africa

Henriksen, Nils Oddbjørn, Associate professor. Keywords:

Hersoug, Bjørn, Professor. Keywords: Central Africa, Asia

Holtedahl, Knut, Professor. Keywords: West Africa, Cameroon, Niger

Holtedahl, Lisbet, Professor. Keywords: West Africa, Cameroon, Niger, Mali

Jentoft, Svein, Professor. Keywords:

Johnsen, Jahn Petter, Associate professor. Keywords:

Jørgensen, Jorunn, Professor. Keywords:

Jørgensen, Trond, Professor. Keywords:

Kolstrup Nils, Associate Professor. Keywords: Tanzania,

Kristensen, Viggo H, Lecturer. Keywords: Nepal

Leming, Tove, Associate professor. Keywords: Teacher education, development work and research, involved in exchange program with a teacher education college in Zambia (Peace Corps).

Lien, Ingrid Hovda, Councilor at the Center for women and gender research, Phd- candidate in political science. Keywords: democracy, indigenous rights, civil society, decentralization, Latin America, participation, rights, Latin America, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia.

Midré, Georges L. Professor. Keywords: Guatemala

Ninkova, Velina, PhD student Social Anthropology. Keywords: Namibia, Botswana, San, education

Nordbrønd, Lise, Manager Kvinnforsk. Keywords: Uganda

Olsen, Marianne, Lecturer. Keywords: Zambia

Ouattara, Aboubakar, Associate professor. Keywords:

Oware, Percy, Associate professor. Keywords: West Africa

Ragazzi, Rossella, Associate professor. Keywords:

Revold, Jens, Prosjektleder. Keywords:

Sandersen, Elisabeth, Kontorsjef. Keywords:

Santos, Jorge, Associate professor of fishery biology. Keywords: International fishery management, South-Africa.

Saugestad, Sidsel, Professor. Keywords: South Africa, Botswana

Schackt Jon Ragnvald, Associate professor. Keywords: Latin America,Colombia,Guatemala

Scharffscher,  Kristin Sørung, Associate professor. Keywords:

Schimanski, Johan, Associate professor of comparative literature. Keywords:  postcolonialism, borders, literature, Botswana, South Africa.

Schirmer, Henrik, Associate professor. Keywords: Sri Lanka

Smith-Simonsen, Christine: Postdoc at the department of history and religious studies. Keywords:Africa, Horn of Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia, African history, aid history, north-south relations, peacestudies, Norwegian peace mediation, indigenous studies, Italian colonisation, education, colonial education.

Solstad, Hjørdis Kristine, Lecturer. Keywords: Nepal

Sundsvold, Bente, Researcher/Lecturer. Keywords: Ghana

Tafjord, Bjørn Ola, Associate professor at the Department of history and religious studies. Keywords: Latin America, Costa Rica, study of religions, anthropology, indigenous studies, history

Thorvaldsen, Gunnar, Professor at the department of history and religious studies (RHD/NHDC). Keywords: Infant mortality, Tanzania

Uriri, Francisca Prudence, Avdelingsingeniør. Keywords: Zimbabwe

Vambheim,Vidar Nils, Associate professor. Keywords.

Waage, Trond: Associate professor at Visual cultural studies. Keywords: West and Central Africa, Cameroon, Northern Norway, ethnicity, youth, globalisation, urbanisation, creolisation, visual anthropology.

Woldeselassie, Zerehun, tittel. Keywords: Ethnicity, Islam, Islamic Reformism, Politics, Cultural Identity, Epistemology, Ethnographic Film, Ethiopia