Successful workshop in Tromsø

Time for work and pleasure

The workshop took place in Tromsø from April 25th until April 29th.
The main goal for the meeting was to prepare and do the videoproduction for the MOOC.
During the week there was time for both work and pleasure:)
We made dinner together at home at Åshilds house. We drove to Sommarøya and had a lovely fish soup.

And we did a lot of filming sessions as well! Thank you for all the good contributions!

IMG_6010 IMG_5995 IMG_6001 IMG_6025




To be prepared for Video Production in Tromsø

To be prepared for Video Production in Tromsø

We have now started the countdown for our MOOC-partners visit to Tromsø in April. 🙂

To be prepared for the video Production we suggest following guidelines:

  • Each video: 5- 6 minutes.
  • In the videos and the presentations it will be limited space for written and verbal inputs. Please focus on what captivates the students, and highlight the topics.
  • Prepare three learning goals from each video lecture to present at the end of the video.
  • If Power Point Presentations are included in the video Lecture, remember to make room for yourself in the presentation (see example below).
  • Please avoid  clothes of green colour in the presentation (the background colour is green).
  • In the end of all video lectures, we plan to include the logo of UiT – the Arctic University of Norway and the logo of your university.  Please send the logo of your university to me by email.
  • Please look through the examples of video productions below som you are prepared for a week of interesting and productive video production in our studio. :-)

It is fantastic if you have the possibility to email me some of your ideas and suggestions for your video production before 5th of April.

See you soon I Tromsø! :-)

Inger Marie

Project leader “Nursing runs aMOOC”

21/1 2016: Presentation of the MOOC “Nursing Traditions and History in Europe”

21/1 2016: Presentation of the MOOC “Nursing Traditions and History in Europe”sola

Once a year, this year the day the sun returned to Tromsø,  all employees at the Department of Health and Care Sciences meet to discuss and exchange experiences in the education field.

Our MOOC, “Nursing Traditions and History in Europe”, was presented this day, by the project manager Inger Marie Holm.

She focused on what a MOOC really is (Massive, Open, Online, Course), how our MOOC was established, the reasons why we should make a MOOC in Nursing Traditions and History in Europe, and the wonderful idea of ​​inviting the international nursing network in to this project, where the main aim is to share knowledge and exchange nursing experiences across borders. In addition, she focused on the course aims to demonstrate that knowledge of developments and changes in the discipline, constitutes an important knowledge base in nursing today.

Further, she spoke about how happy we are to have managed to establish a close cooperation with nursing historians in several countries.

Live presenation MOOC (in norwegian). You find the MOOC-presentation on 2.46 in the time line.


Nursing runs aMOOC visited Kolding in Denmark

IMG_6183The projectgroup who works with the content development of the MOOC met in Kolding for two days in December 2015. The team from Tromsø consisted of Åshild, Jan-Thore, Tore and Rigmor. Together with Anna from Italy, Andrea from Germany and Gerard from Ireland (by Skype) we dicussed issues about the content and how to digitalize it.

The workshop took place in lovely Koldingfjord hotel and the fantastic museum of Nursing History.

We had two great days together and the project group got to know each other better. We planned the next meeting to take place in Tromsoe in North of Norway, date 25th-29th of April 2016. In the mean time the authors will continue the work with their own written contributions.IMG_6201

We all look foreward to meet the partners again in Tromsø in April. It is a bit early for the midnight sun in April, but there are so much more to experience in beautiful Tromsø!