How to find articles

There are several ways of getting access to scholarly articles, either in pure Open Access journals or traditional journals who allow Open Access publications. You can also find articles in scholarly and institutional repositories.

Here are some ways you can find the articles you want:

1. Searching the Web

Search the same way you ususally do, but use “plugins” in your browser that will guide you to open versions of the article. (These plugins have to be downloaded and installed in your browser).


Unpaywall (for Chrome and Firefox) is a tool that will lead you to an open version of an article you would like to access. Click the Unpaywall Icon to install.

Open Access Button (works best with Chrome and Firefox). This is a tool that finds open versions of the article, and also sends an inquiry to the author about self archiving an article that is not already open. Click the OA button on the left to install.

Google Scholar Button (for Chrome) A tool that makes it easier to use Google Scholar to find the full text. Click the icon on the left to install.
2. Contact the author

Researchers can often share their work with each other (depending on their deal with the publisher), even if the article is not Open Access. This is called scholarly sharing. Send the author of the article an email, and most will be happy to share. There are social networks for researchers, like ResearchGate and, where you can easily request copies of the articles form the authors.

3. Use your library to order a copy 

The library can help you get articles that are not available. Search Oria and order the article, and we will get it for you.

Search Index and archives


The library search engine. Open Access journals can also be found here.


Googles index and search for research material on the web.


Index and search engine for research material from Bielefeld University Library, where 60 percent of the material is open and accessible.