Tidsskriftavtaler 2019

Tidsskriftavtaler 2019

Informasjon om avtaler med akademiske forlag som kan opphøre 01.01.2019, hvilke konsekvenser det kan få og alternative løsninger for tilgang.

Agreements with academic publishers can expire 1 January 2019

Norwegian universities and university colleges have agreements with several academic publishers on access to scientific literature. Currently, several such agreements are being renegotiated, and an important aspect is Norway’s National goals and guidelines for open access to scientific articles. This maintains that all Norwegian, publicly funded scientific articles must be open access by 2024, and this goal must be reached without an increase in cost.

In the current subscription system, scientific articles are behind paywalls, and the large international publishers are charging more and more for subscriptions. Norwegian institutions are currently paying more than 330 million NOK every year for reading access to scientific articles, including those written by scientists in Norwegian institutions.

Current negotiations with certain publishers are not showing sufficient movement towards open access. Reaching an agreement by January 2019 will be difficult. Norwegian higher education institutions are likely to lose access to several journals from these publishers.

If you have questions about the agreements or technical issues, get in touch with your library at UiO, NTNU, UiB or UiT.