Journal negotiations in other countries

There is a worldwide move towards Open Access. During the 14th Berlin Open Access Conference, there was a strong support for the transition to Open Access to scholarly articles from the delegates from China, Japan, South Africa and USA – in addition to the delegates from Europe. This is also evident in the final conference statement.


1 July 2018 the agreement between Elsevier and the Swedish consortium BIBSAM expired. Negotiations were unsuccessful and Elsevier shut down reading access to their journals from this date. The negotiations collapsed because the parties could not reach agreement on a sensible price model and a sustainable solution for a transition to open science. Read the press release from Kungliga Biblioteket (the Royal Library).

The Swedes are also negotiating same kind of agreements with Springer Nature and Wiley.


The negotiation team demands 100 % open access together with reading access without a yearly price increase. Since 2016/17 over 200 universities have no agreement and no access to Elsevier’s journals. Germany’s chief negotiator, Professor Hippler, says: “We see that the transition to open access is too slow, and I am utterly upset and concerned about this.” Read more here

The Germans are also negotiating same kind of agreement with Springer Nature, and have recently landed such an agreement with Wiley.


A subscription deal with Elsevier for 2016–2018 with reading access together with a rebate of up to 30 % on publication fees (APCs) for open access articles.  The chief negotiator of the Netherlands, Koen Becking, says: “At the end of the day our goal is full open access. And just like our German colleagues we solely want to pay for output, nothing more.” The current agreement is extended until June 30th 2019 while negotiations continue.

United Kingdom

A traditional subscription deal with Elsevier for 2016–2020 with reading access and a yearly price increase of 2 %, plus a separate deal for open access.


Finelib, the Finnish library consortium, has not come to an agreement with Taylor & Francis from 1 February 2019. There are ongoing negotiations with Wiley. Currently, they have a traditional subscription deal with Elsevier, with a yearly price increase of about 2.25 % (estimated based on the total yearly fee per subscribing institution) together with a 50 % discount on publication fees (APCs) for 1600 journals. Read more


Terminated their agreement with Elsevier after December 31st 2018 since the publisher could not meet their demands for open access. Read more


Based on an analysis of the use and the value of the journals in the package (i.e based on content that is already open access), the French consortium Couperin terminated the agreement with Springer in the spring of 2018. Couperin landed a new agreement with Springer in the autumn of 2018, where the price on the (traditional) subscription agreement is reduced substantially.


University of California made a statement on 28 February 2019, that they had not reached an agreement with Elsevier securing open access and a sustainable economy. Based on this, they will not renew their subscriptions for 2019.


Negotiates open access with Elsevier.