New Open Researcher Position!

RESEARCHER: Photonics for On-Chip Laser Spectroscopy 
The position of a Researcher will be attached to the project Mid-Infrared Cryptophane-enhanced On-chip Sensor (MICRO-Sense) funded by the Research Council of Norway. The main responsibility of the Researcher is to guide the development of on-chip spectroscopy sensors for trace gas monitoring. The successful candidate will mainly work on the development of new waveguides optimized for gas sensing in the mid-infrared range and coordinate their design and fabrication. Integration of the waveguides into a laboratory prototype, optimized for drone-conducted quantification of methane sources in the Arctic, will be in focus at a later stage of the appointment. Principal external collaboration includes NTNU Trondheim (Norway), Optical Research Center at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom), ENS Lyon (France), ETH Zürich (Switzerland), and Norwegian industrial partners SINTEF, Norut and NEO Monitors. The working hours will be utilised for research, co-supervision of two PhD students, and dissemination of results in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Overseas research stay during the appointment period will be encouraged and financed from existing funding.The appointment is for 2 years with a possibility of prolongation. The preferred start is in autumn 2018. More information on the position can be found on:  


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