Welcome to the 2019 Optical Sensing Autumn School!

The course will focus on basic principles, applications, and latest developments in optical and photonic sensing technology. Photonic (waveguide, plasmonic and fiber) sensors for gas sensing and lab-on-chip applications constitute the main topic of the course, however, free-space spectroscopic sensors such as methane sensor deployed in climate change research or in space (NASA´s Curiosity Mars Rover), chem/bio sensors for clinical, environmental, and food safety scenarios will be also discussed.

The course is announced as a part of the national research school “Norwegian PhD Network on Nanotechnology for Microsystems”. It is given on PhD level. It is open to MSc students with interest in photonics, optoelectronics, and micro- or nano-technology research or R&D. The first part – lectures – will be held in the beautiful mountains of Malangen, right outside Tromsø, Norway 27.10-1.11.2019 and the second part – exercises – (open only to participants from Norway) the week afterwards 4-6.11.2019 in Tromsø at UiT. The school is organised by Jana Jágerská, in cooperation with  Boris Mizaikoff, Astrid Aksnes, Christine Kranz and Olav Gaute Hellesø  who have their backgrounds in various fields within Optical Sensing. 

The five day program will include a series of lectures on waveguide-, opto-chemical- , electro-chemical-, fiber sensors; a session with pitch presentations from lecturers and participants, a social afternoon/evening event, and much more.   

The registration is limited to 20 persons and the registration fee (waived for UiT students and Nano Network PhD participants) includes full board at Malangen Resort which is situated in the mountains just outside Tromsø, Norway. Here you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and northern lights.   

Warmly welcome!

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