1. What is a record?
  2. What is content provider (or just provider)? 
  3. Why does not my article/dataset/contribution exist in the Open Polar? 
  4. How can I use the «Search by map» tool? 
  5. I can find a record when I use the normal search box, but I could not find the same article/dataset/contribution when I use the Search by map? 
  6. How do you add geolocation metadata to records based on geographical information in the metadata? 
  7. Why is not my article/dataset/contribution located in the correct geographic position when I use the Search by map? 
  8. Can I contribute to the geolocation database?  
  9. Where can I find the 4600 providers that are harvested by Open Polar? 
  10. Can I suggest a new content provider? 
  11. Where can I find the list of keywords that are used to include records in Open Polar? 
  12. Why can not find articles published in subscription journals? 
  13. Why can I find some irrelevant articles/datasets/contributions (i.e., not related to Polar regions) when I perform a search? / How can I report irrelevant records? 
  14. Why can I find some duplications for the same record? 
  15. How can I perform a systematic search? 
  16. How can I export the citation of a record or multiple records? 
  17. What is the visual tool? 
  18. Why is the citation in the “Cite this” and “Export Record” tools inaccurate for this article?