The UDIT portal is coming to you soon

Just a little patience! The UDIT portal is coming to you soon. In the near future, the UDIT portal will be your entrance to various resources, best practices and learning activities in the field of open data & higher education. The UDIT portal aims at teachers in higher education, facilitating them in finding resources and choosing approaches to integrate open research data in their teaching.

Over the past decade, in higher education and scientific research, the topics of open science & research data management have gained considerable interest. This portal will be a fruitful cross-fertilisation between both focus areas, providing teachers with skills to use their data in teaching (open science) while stimulating research data management literacy for students at the same time.

About the project

UDIT was initiated in Norway (UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø) in januari 2018, as a one-year Erasmus+: staff mobility program, together with partners from The Netherlands (University of Amsterdam/Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam & Radboud University, Nijmegen).

The kick-off in Tromsø has been rather modest; the UDIT project itself however is ambitious. There are many digital resources available on open science and research data management. However, resources on the use of open data in teaching are either sparse or scattered around the internet and rather hard to find.

Wouldn’t it be great for teachers in higher education around the world to find useful resources, best practices and learning activities on the use of open data in their teaching in a single place? 

We need you!

Such an ambitious project can’t be realised without help. To find already available resources, collect best practices, gather materials and compile learning activities we need you; all kinds of people from the teacher, researcher, and/or support staff and library communities in higher education around the world. We are sure there must be great examples out there already, but teachers need to be able to find it.

In the best case scenario, you help us collect it and make it available for others around the world as well via the UDIT portal. But if it isn’t there (the way you would like it to be), then we have to create it, together.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have resources available, such as best practices, educational materials and learning activities, either generic or on a specific type of data or from a particular discipline. We also invite you to contact us in case you already run a project and see opportunities to combine forces. We surely don’t want to reinvent the wheel again and would love to cooperate in creating an Open Data In Teaching portal!