How great wouldn’t it be to have a pool of learning activities that you could swim in when preparing your classes?

The UDIT module offers information on how you can proceed to create your own learning activities using open research data, and we would strongly encourage you to share these with the teacher community. In this way, other people can reuse your material and also get inspired to create learning activities again themselves.

If you want to contribute with an activity, please fill out this Google form. Your activity can be an old one or a recently developed one, it can be detailed and step-wise, or merely a reflection on how and why you do/would use open data in teaching, it can be multidisciplinary or discipline-specific, etc etc. All types of contributions are welcome!

The activities are to be entered into the OER Commons group Use Open Data in Teaching, open to the entire world’s teacher community.

(Contribution and activity citation guidelines are under development.)