Chinese Foreign Policy with Marc Lanteigne

China’s rapid economic development and its rise to great-power status have sparked increasing research and political interests. Both policymakers and scholars are often divided over whether the ascent and modernization of China and its competition with the US could have a significant impact on or even present a direct threat to the international system. In this episode of Opinion Peace podcast, Sladjana Lazic spoke with Marc Lanteigne about some of the themes laid out in the fourth edition of his book “Chinese Foreign Policy – An Introduction“. In the book, Marc Lanteigne provides an in-depth analysis of China’s engagement in global politics and its foreign policy-making process. The main argument laid out in the book is that not only that Chinese foreign policy interests have broadened, but that simultaneously we are witnessing expansion and reconstruction of Chinese foreign policymaking that is supposed to provide a better fit for dynamic changes of the international system and China’s rising power within that system.

Besides discussing China’s foreign policy behavior patterns, this episode also touches upon China’s activities in regard to peacekeeping, international climate politics, Belt and Road initiative, COVID-19, as well as China’s relationship with the United States.

Marc Lanteigne is an associate professor and researcher in politics, security and international relations at The University of Tromsø and the editor of “Over the Circle: Arctic Politics and Foreign Policy ” blog. Some of his research interests include comparative Chinese politics and foreign policy, East Asian and Russian far east domestic politics, security and regional diplomacy, traditional/non-traditional security studies, economic security / comparative Asian approaches to international political economy, etc.

Marc Lanteigne’s most recent articles include The Changing Shape of Arctic Security,’ NATO Review;  ‘European Troubles and Norway’s Three-Point Game,’ Global Brief;  ‘China’s UN Peacekeeping in Mali and Comprehensive Diplomacy,’ China Quarterly, or you can head over to High North News and read Marc’s blogpost about China’s Emerging Strategies in the Arctic.

Host: Sladjana Lazic

Post-production & text: Sladjana Lazic

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