Re-Imagining Peace & Security from the Perspective of Queer & Trans Communities

Re-Imagining Peace & Security from the Perspective of Queer & Trans Communities

Re-imaging Peace & Security from the Perspective of Queer & Trans communities – Jamie Hagen

In her article from 2016, Queering women, peace and security, Jamie Hagen explored the implications of excluding sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) against LGBTQ individuals from policy implementation and NGO monitoring of the WPS agenda and argued for the need to move away from understanding gender as a placeholder for cisgender, heterosexual women.

This time on Opinion Peace, Jamie reflects whether and how the discourse has shifted since 2016, about

the need for strategic bridge building and solidarity in order to avoid backlashes, and radical re-imagining of peace and security.


On today’s episode with Dr. Jamie J. Hagen you’ll be hearing about:

  • How the inclusion of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities opens up and complicates ideas of peace, security, and violence;
  • Solidarities and different ways of seeing gender justice;
  • Tensions between globalized conceptions of rights-seeking struggles and localized, context-specific understanding of queer and trans lives;
  • What does it mean to look at queer and trans communities from a place of possibilities and abundance instead of from a place of repression;
  • Quite a few fantastic reading suggestions;
  • Main takes from Jamie’s work for a) scholarship and academic community; b) policymakers; and c) practitioners: “Remember, not all women are straight. And we all have sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Suggestions for further reading related to this podcast discussion:


Jamie J. Hagen

 Dr. Jamie J. Hagen is a Lecturer in international relations at Queen’s University Belfast where she is the co-director of the Centre for Gender in Politics. Jamie received her PhD from the University of Massachusetts Boston in the Global Governance and Human Security program in 2018. Her work at the intersection of gender, security studies and queer theory appears in a number of peer reviewed journals including International Affairs, and Critical Studies in Security. Jamie was the 2018-2019 ISA James N. Rosenau Post-Doctoral Fellow. For Spring 2019 she was also a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Women, Peace and Security at the London School for Economics and Politics.


Twitter: @Jamiejhagen

Host: Sladjana Lazic

Edits & Text: Sladjana Lazic




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