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The Psycholinguistics of Language Representation (PoLaR) lab is one of the associated labs under the LAVA/AcqVa research group in the department of Language and Culture at UiT the Arctic University of Norway. PoLaR houses state of the art equipment and laboratory space that facilitate our members’ work in bi-/multilingual language acquisition and linguistic processing, the cognitive neuroscience of language and the interface between multilingualism and domain-general cognitive and neuro-anatomical changes to the brain across the lifespan.

Work in our lab is generously funded by the European Union and the Tromsø Forskningsstiftelse. We work with populations across the lifespan, from very young children to older aged adults. We use a variety of methodologies in our empirical work, from language production, corpora, grammaticality judgments, reaction time/reading time processing measures, eye-tracking, EEG/ERP to various types of neuroimaging methods.