Affiliated Members from other institutions

Guro Busterud (

Guro Busterud is an Associate Professor of Scandinavian Linguistics at the University of Oslo. Her research primarily investigates L1, L2/L3, and bilingual acquisition. Much of her work focuses on the acquisition of grammatical structures (e.g., binding, word order, grammatical gender) using a  variety of methods.


Jennifer Cabrelli (
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Jennifer Cabrelli is an Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics in the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her research focuses on the acquisition and attrition of phonology and morphosyntax with a primary focus on third language acquisition. 


Anne Dahl (

Anne Dahl is an Associate Professor of English Linguistics at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Her research mainly focuses on L2/L3 acquisition from both theoretical and applied perspectives, using a variety of methods. She is particularly interested in the role of age in language acquisition, and in the relationship between implicit and explicit learning.


Fernando Martín Villena (

Fernando Martín Villena is a Ph.D. student at the University of Granada, supervised by Cristóbal Lozano. His dissertation uses corpus linguistics methodology to investigate language attrition across the lifespan, with special emphasis on anaphora resolution.



Christos Pliatsikas (

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Christos Pliatsikas is an Associate Professor in Psycholinguistics in Bi-/Multilinguals and the lead of Neuroscience for the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism (CeLM) at the University of Reading, UK, as well as an External Affiliate Researcher at Universidad Nebrija, Spain. His research is on experience-based neuroplasticity, with a primary focus on the effects of bi-/multilingualism on brain structure and function, investigated with behavioral and MRI (functional and structural) methods. He currently serves as the Chair for the International  Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB).

Eloi Puig Mayenco (
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Eloi Puig-Mayenco holds a lectureship position at King’s College London. His research focuses on Bi/Multilingualism during the lifespan. Specifically, he is interested in how previously acquired languages affect the initial stages and subsequent development of additive sequential multilingualism in childhood and adulthood.


Eleonora Rossi  (]
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Eleonora Rossi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Psychology at the University of Florida. Her work focuses on understanding how bilingualism shapes behavioral and neural indices of language processing and cognition. In particular, her research focuses on the earliest stages of those changes, and relate them to individual language use variability. Eleonora uses EEG and fMRI to capture brain plasticity.

Roumyana Slabakova (
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Roumyana Slabakova is Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Southampton, as well as Adjunct Professor at NTNU. Her research focuses on the acquisition of grammatical structure and its interaction with meaning in second and third language acquisition.