Our Team

Lab Directors

Jason Rothman (jason.rothman@uit.no)
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Jason Rothman is a Professor of Linguistics at UiT and an Adjunct Professor at Universidad Nebrija (Spain). He works on language acquisition, processing, and language-associated links to neurocognition in children and adults, especially in various bi-/multilingual populations. He is the founding editor of the journal Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism and executive editor of the book series Studies in Bilingualism.

Vincent DeLuca (vincent.f.deluca@uit.no)
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Vincent DeLuca is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at UiT. His research is focused on how different aspects of bilingual language experience variably impact brain structure, function, and several cognitive processes. His work focuses on how these neural and cognitive adaptations dynamically shift over time and with changes to patterns of language use. 

Lab Manager

Mahdis Jafari (mahdis.jafari@uit.no)

Mahdis Jafari is the Lab Manager for the PoLaR Lab. Responsible for the day-to-day running of the lab, if you have any questions about the lab please contact her. She has a master’s degree in English Acquisition & Multilingualism and in Clinical Psychology. Her master’s thesis project was on agreement-attraction processing in L2ers using EEG. Her research interests are language processing and psycho/neurolinguistics of receptive bilingualism. 

Post-docs and senior Researchers

Fatih Bayram (fatih.bayram@uit.no)

 Pablo Bernabeu (p.bernabeu@uit.no)

Kirill Elin

 Khadij Gharibi (khadij.gharibi@uit.no)

Jorge González Alonso (jgonzalezal@nebrija.es)

Jiuzhou Hao (jiuzhou.hao@uit.no)

 Nadine Kolb (nadine.kolb@uit.no)

Maki Kubota (maki.kubota@uit.no                       

 Brechje van Osch (brechje.a.osch@uit.no)

 Yanina Prystauka (yanina.prystauka@uit.no)

 Toms Voits (toms.voits@uit.no)

Professor IIs

Jubin Abutalebi (abutalebi.jubin@hsr.it)

Jon Andoni Duñabeitia Landaburu (jdunabeitia@nebrija.es)

Tanja Kupisch (tanja.kupisch@uni-konstanz.de)

Stefanie Wulff  (swulff@ufl.edu)


 Janine Rook (j.rook@rug.nl)

Gabriella Silva Vega (gsilva@nebrija.es)

Research Assistants

 Gaute Berglund (gbe046@uit.no)

 Anders Gabrielsen (aga065@uit.no)

 Philipp Waagen (pwa006@uit.no)

 Xueyi Yao (xya000@uit.no)