Reading Group

Our Reading Group!

We host a weekly Reading Group in which members of the lab and the community share their papers and review recent publications. This forum is open to those who wish to join and is a platform for meaningful discussion and ideas. If you would like to join the PoLaR Lab mailing list or tocontribute a talk, please contact the Lab Manager Mahdis Jafari here.


 Date Start Time  Presenter  Affiliation (if   external to UiT) Talk Format Title
 August 15  1430  Yuko Mutsuoka  Kings College   London  Presentation  Investigating the narrative macrostructure abilities in   the two languages of Japanese-English bilingual   children
 August 21  1430  Vince    Paper discussion  The influence of bilingualism on gray matter volume   in the course of aging: a longitudinal study. doi: 10.3389/fnagi.2023.1193283
 28 August  1430  Jorge/Claudia  Universidad   Nebrija  Presentation  TBA
 4 September  1430  OFF  NA  NA  NA
 11 September  1430  OFF  NA  NA  NA
 18 September  1430  Floor van den Berg  University of   Groningen  Project   Presentation  Introducing bilingual experience as a healthy   cognitive aging tool
 25 September  1430  OFF  NA  NA  NA
 2 October  1430 Acqva Talk  NA  NA  (AcqVA talk)
 9  October  1430 OFF  NA  NA
 16 October  1430  Vincent DeLuca  UiT  Paper discussion  Meulman et al: GAM-based individual difference   for  L2 ERP studies; 
 23 October  1430  Jiuzhou Hao   UiT  Paper discussion  Functional organisation for verb generation in   children with developmental language disorder
 30 October  1430  Janine Rook  University of   Groningen  Presentation  Methodological considerations- fNIRS, EEG,   bilingualism and aging
 6 November  1430 Brechje van Osch  NA  NA  NA
 13 November  1430  Acqva Talk  NA  NA  Acqva Talk
 20 November  1430  Patrick Thane  University of   Massachusetts  Invited Speaker

 Education, Age, and Exposure: Conspiring Variables   in the Acquisition of Spanish as a Heritage Language

 27 November  1430  Pablo Bernabeu  UiT  Presentation

 Implementation of a longitudinal, artificial language   study to investigate language learning,   morphosyntactic transfer, and their association with   executive functions

 4 December  1430  Sofia Gonzalez Castro  Jagellonian   University  Presentation  TBA
 11 December  1430  Yanina Prystauka  University of   Agder  Presentation  The effect of physical exercise on the neural circuits   important for language (specifically, for naming and   tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon)