Our Research

The PoLaR lab is one of two labs in the LAVA/AcqVA research groups at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway. PoLaR lab is located in the A-wing (A-1005) of Breivika 3 on the Tromsø campus of UiT. 

Set up as an interactive, multipurpose space, the PoLaR lab houses eye-tracking (Eyelink Portable Duo), EEG (Two 32-channel Acticap/Liv Amp systems) and communal conference facilities.

Researchers in the PoLaR lab use a variety of behavioral, neurolinguistics and neurocognitive methodologies to examine linguistic representations in the mind as well as the interface of language (experience/engagement) with mind (cognition) and brain (neuroanatomy). Our work combines language judgement, comprehension and production tasks, cognitive functions tasks, (mask) priming, reaction time, eye-tracking, EEG/ERP and (f)MRI.

While we work with monolingual populations as well, we are particularly interested in bi-/multingualism across the lifespan, especially as regards the interplay and weighting of internal (linguistic and cognitive) and external (language exposure/experience, use in various home and social contexts, access to formal literacy/education, etc.) variables that conspire to explain variation and individual differences.

We collaborate with researchers and labs across Europe and North America.