A Short note conserning the Kazan Congress, 14.-15. November 2013

Associate professor at the University of Tromsø Oleg Sidorenkov representing the Norwegian part of the Pomor program participated in the 4th Russian National Symposium in General Practice in Kazan, at the 14th and 15th of November 2013. The delegation of GPs from Arkhangelsk was representative and included more than 10 doctors.

Other active participants of the Pomor program, who took part in the Symposium, were professor Vladimir Popov, associate professor Elena Andreeva and the leader of the Murmansk group doctor Inga Aniskova.

During the Symposium attended Oleg Sidorenkov lectures, seminars and discussions of mainly organizational modules to get more information on nowadays situation in primary health care in Russia, implementation of general practice and the current roles and responsibilities of GPs in primary health care structure. The main interest was confined to regional experiences, associated challenges and plans for further reformation of primary health care.

The scientific module of the symposium which was led by professor Popov, was also informative. It accentuated primarily on diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in general practice. Associate professor Elena Andreeva had an oral presentation on “COPD risk factors based on data from the international RESPECT study”.

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