Books and articles

Translated materials to be used in courses.

The Norwegian Handbook for specialization in General Practise written by Steinar Westin and Linn Getz, 1996 was choosen a guideline for the educational program. The book was revised tree times within 2006. The Authors of the  latest revision version were Sverre Lundevall, Bente Aschim, Kristin Prestegaard, Peter Prydz and Linn Getz. The Russian translation of Part 1 and Part 2 was done by Oleg Siderenkov , MD. The translation was done under agreement with the Norwegian Medical Assiciation.

Part 1: “A Group Tour in General Practise”  Групповой тур по семейной медицине

Part 2: “Two years together” Вместе два года


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