Phase I

The POMOR program was implemented as planned and performed as described in the Norwegian 2-year education program in general practice. The two groups in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk respectively have completed 20 meetings of 8 hours until June 2011. A Norwegian textbook (“Handbok for spesialistutdanning i allmennmedisin“, Getz L, Westin S, 1996, rev. 2006 ) was translated to Russian before the program started. The Handbook consists of two parts, 1: Two years together and 2:A Group tour in General Practise, See link to Russian Version). To a large degree the program is based on  self- learning by the trainee GPs, and the problems discussed started with the experiences from their own practices. One or more specific topics were selected for each meeting. Some of the GP trainees were responsible for presentations on the chosen topics. Group discussions and consultation of  international guidelines have resulted in  improvement of local guidelines. The POMOR Program phase I was completed with participation at the Nordic Congress in General Practice in Tromsø 14 – 17 June 2011, Caring for people where they are. The possibility to participate in this congress has been a great motivation factor for the work in the tutorial groups, and two presentations from the POMOR-program were accepted for oral presentation at the congress . Go to top page

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