Phase II

The planning of phase 2 of the program started already in 2011 with the translation of two educational books that will be important in the future POMOR program; “Allmennmedisinsk gruppereise – møteopplegg for veiledningsgrupper” and “To aar sammen”. Written permission for the translation was given by The Norwegian Medical Association. The translation was done by the Russian MD, MPH, PhD Oleg Siderenkov . He is speaks Norwegian  fluently after many years as a MPH and PhD student at the University of Tromsø. The translation has been done in cooperation with professor Vladimir Popov and associate professor Elena Andreeva, Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk. The two parts of the book are  now fully re-translated and finished printing (fall 2012) ( Вместе два года (“To år sammen” ) and Групповой тур по семейной медицине (“Allmennmedisinsk gruppereise”). The books are both included in the educational program. In collaboration with the Health Ministries in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk we recruited 10 of the 18 Russian GPs that completed the education program in June 2011 as tutors for the next phase of the POMOR program.  Our plan is to start 5 new tutorial groups in the spring of 2012 with two Russian tutors and 8 GP trainees in each group, one urban and one rural group in Murmansk oblast, and one urban and two rural groups in Arkhangelsk oblast. The Norwegian mentors will have meetings with the 10 Russian tutors 4 times a year, and also support them by using email, SKYPE and video meetings.  Professor Vladimir Popov and assistant professor Elena Andreeva at The Northern State Medical University of Arkhangelsk will play an important role as coordinators in Russia, and Oleg Siderenkov will be a part of the Norwegian group. Professor Hasse Melbye at the GP research unit, UiT, will  continue to support the POMOR program with a new clinical research project on respiratory disease.

During phase II in 2013 tree congresses were attended:
Tampere, the 18th Nordic congress of General Practice.”Promoting partnership with our patients”
Kazan (link to Russian text), the 4th Russian National Symposium  General Practice Arkhangelsk (link to report) Conference 13.-14. September. Summing up all experiences in the Project.

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