NOR’s secretary general retires 1st February 2012

There is an interview (in Norwegian) with the general secretary in the journal Reindriftsnytt (News of Reindeer Husbandry in Norway), no. 4, 2011, pp. 43-45

Since the interview was done, there are news about NOR; the position as Secretary, the office in Tromsø and the Council itself.

The Nordic Ministries of Agriculture close Nordic Council for Reindeer Research (NOR)’s office in Tromsø when the present secretary retires. The given reason is that Finland no longer will pay the yearly  economic contribution of Norwegian kroner 220 000,- from 2012. Against the will of reindeer husbandry in Scandinavia and reindeer researchers in the Nordic area, the ministries use the Finnish decision to close NOR as a council for research matters. Instead there will be a political organisation directly under the ministries, led by them on a 2-year leg. The new organisation is supposed to manage political meetings, conferences, information etc.

In the view of the ministries, the scientific journal for reindeer and reindeer husbandry, Rangifer, is sadly enough, of little or no importance in the new organisation. However, there will be taken steps trying to save Rangifer.

This new development is tragic for reindeer husbandry research and its importance for research based knowledge for reindeer husbandry and its management. To stand against urban pressures on resources in reindeer grazing lands, independent research is of vital importance, f. inst. seen in the last cases at Swedish courts.

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