NOR – Rangifer

Available languages: Suomi, Skandinavisk

About NOR

Nordic Council for Reindeer Husbandry Research (NOR),

  • was founded in 1980. Closed in 2012.
  • membership included Finland, Norway and Sweden.
  • was economically sustained by the Ministries of Agriculture in the member countries.
  • was located at Tromsø, Norway


Finnish researchers Eero Tanhuanpää, Timo Helle, Mauri Nieminen and Sven Nikander at Hemavan 1981. Photo B. Åhman

NOR actively promoted contact between reindeer husbandry and the research community within the Nordic countries and between the Nordic researchers themselves. NOR offered publishing possibilities for scientific results, and provided information from other sources concerning reindeer from the Nordic countries involved. NOR also opened contacts to scientists elsewhere working on topics of relevance to reindeer husbandry. NOR’s work included both natural and social sciences.

NORs main strategies were:

  • create meeting places for science and reindeer husbandry/industry,
  • publish the scientific journal Rangifer and organise regular Nordic meetings,
  • be information source about the reindeer industry in the Nordic area and also about the activities and work done by NOR,
  • distribute travel grants to Nordic researchers, and Ph.D. and Masters students, which are studying reindeer or reindeer husbandry,
  • be information source for reindeer/reindeer husbandry projects, and obscure scientific literature,
  • contribute to literature and information dissemination among the Nordic countries,
  • improve research contacts (between researchers and their institutions) to promote co-operative projects and facilitate financial support.