Vanhoja numeroita

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Rangifer subscription is cancelled as from vol. 28, 2008. There will be no more subscription possibilities. From now on, Rangifer will primarily be an online Journal (ISSN: 1890-6729). In order to facilitate maximum dissemination of the research published in Rangifer, Rangifer has adopted a strong Open Access policy.

Vanhoja numeroita,  Back issues (hard copy):

Nordic Council for Reindeer Husbandry Research (NOR)
c/o Centre for Sami Studies
University of Tromsø
N-9037 Tromsø, Norway

(47) 776 46909
(47) 776 45510

Sparebank1 Nord-Norge, N-9298 Tromsø, Norway
Bank account no.: 4760 5692776
IBAN no.: NO89 4760 5692 776
Swift address: SNOWNO22