4 – Oulu – Aug 2013

A workshop on reindeer life histories was held at the University of Oulu August 16th 2013. The workshop concentrated on methods for reconstructing reindeer life histories, and attention was given especially to physical activity reconstruction with the aid of entheseal changes and bone cross-sections. One lasting outcome of the meeting was an exchange of 3D scanned data from the skeletons of harness reindeer which was used in a paper by Anna-Kaisa Salmi and Sirpi Niinimäki.  Dr. Losey is adapting the work of those familiar with activity reconstruction in reindeer to his work on dExif_JPEG_PICTUREomestic dog skeletons.

Anna-Kaisa Salmi
Rob Losey
Peter Halinen
Tiina Äikäs
Matti Heino
Sirpa Niinimäki