FS – Gollevarre – Aug 2013

L1020165From 29 – 31 August, a small field seminar was organized around the Gollevarre wild reindeer hunting site.  The site yielded a large collection of Rangifer bones which are in the collection of the Tromsø museum.  The scale of the predation at this site, and its location, suggest that it may have been linked to early forms of domestication since some form of transport might have been necessary for L1020150the amount of animals slaughtered.  The field seminar was organized to help interpret the bone collection, which was sampled and tested genetically by Prof. Knut Røed.  During the visit Rangifer Domus members re-examined the locations of the pits and discussed what might be necessary for a re-analysis of the earlier 1963 excavations.  The field seminar followed upon two earlier visits in February and May, 2014 at the Tromsø Museum where the collections were examined.L1020159

The field seminar was co-sponsored with a grant from the University of Tromsø.

Ivar Bjørklund
Sven-Donald Hedman
Bjørnar Olsen
Knut Røed