Concluding Seminar – Aberdeen – Nov 30 – 2 Dec 2014

This is the concluding meeting of our network, which set for itself the aim of  expanding the range of several Nordic methods of discussing Rangifer domestication to new settings outside of the Nordic regions.  We featured four fields (1) ethnography/env history (2) genetics (3) environmental archaeology (4) osteology.  Over the course of the network we held several group meetings, organized many small visits to gather samples, and three ‘field seminars’ where we thought about how best to apply methods to new contexts. This meeting has three goals:

  • To report on or share our experiences in the field seminars and lab visits with the rest of the group;
  • Present on work that is in press or being submitted for publication;
  • Talk about future collaborations and research, which thanks to funding from the ERC and from the JPI Climate initiative, which give us the luxury of taking the research forward.

The two day seminar will be made up of formal 20 minute presentions and informal round-table meetings.

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This event is co-sponsored by ERC 295458 Arctic Domus