09.00: Knut Røed, Norges Veterinærhøgskole, Oslo: Domestication and DNA-markers.

10.00-10.15: Coffee break.

10.15: Anna Kaisa Salmi, University of Oulu: Wild and domesticated reindeer in northern Finland – Zooarchaeological prospects and possibilities.

11.15: Rob Losey, University of Alberta, Edmonton: The Archaeology of Dog Domestication and its Potential Relevance to Understanding Reindeer Domestication

12.15: Lunch at the museum.

13.00: Kjell-Åke Aronsson, Ajtte – Svenskt Fjell- och Samemuseum, Jokkmokk: A palaeoecological perspective on reindeer domestication.

14.00: Alexandra Lavrillier, European Center for the Arctic (CEARC) / University of Versailles: Domestic and wild reindeer: boundary and interactions in practices and collective representation among two types of reindeer herding (Evenk & Even in Siberia).

15.00-15.15: Coffee break.

15.15: David Anderson, University of Tromsø: A Critique of Theories on the Eurasian Origin of Reindeer Husbandry.

There will be a meeting at the museum at 10.00 Saturday 5 November for those who want to discuss further work within a network financed by the NordForsk foundation.


  • SvenDonald Hedman
  • Oddmund Andersen
  • Helena Ruotsala
  • Tiina Äikäs
  • Konstantin Klokv
  • Richard Fraser
  • Terje Brantenberg
  • Arne Nilsen
  • Dikka Storm
  • Inger Storli
  • Jukka Nyyssonen
  • Bryan Hood
  • Ingrid Sommerseth
  • Rolf Hagerud
  • Julian Konstantinov
  • Ivar Bjørklund
  • Bjørnar Olsen
  • Øystein Prytz