Travel details

Most Russian participants will arrive directly to Severobaikalsk on train on 3 or 4 July by train. The organizers of the seminar will purchase electronic tickets for each participant.

International participants will arrive in Irkutsk by air on 5 July at 05.00 on SU1440 from Moscow

All hotel bookings will be made by the organizers.

Accomodation in Irkutsk will be at the Hotel Irkutsk (formerly Intourist)  located downtown

Accomodation in Severobaikalsk will be at the tourist lodge The Golden Fish located at the edge of the lake.  The accomodation consists of twin room accomodation in cabins with each three twin rooms in each cabin.  There are full facilities in each cabin.

Deaparture will be by train to Irkutsk (train 71 wagon 3) on 9 July 16.41 arriving 11 July 01.01 (Moscow time – add 5 hours).  Departure for the international participants will be on 12 July at 6.30 (Local time).  Accomodation on the return will be at the airport hotel Air Harbour.