GEN-8001: Take control of your PhD journey

Target audience
PhD students at UiT.

If more than 30 applicants, priority will be given as follows: 1. Participants admitted to a PhD programme at UiT, with priority given to those students admitted most recently. 2. Participants in the Associate Professor programme (“Førstelektorprogrammet”). Participants not in need for the ECTS (no exam), or not being eligible to the course, may attend if there are available spots. Please send a request to the course coordinator, Helene N. Andreassen.

The entire seminar series lasts 3 days (5 days if on Zoom). The seminar Research Data Management lasts 3 hours.

Course calendar and sign-up
See the UiT English course catalogue.

Course material (updated March 2022)
Part 1: General background and rationale
Part 2: Best practice for RDM: Data without sensitive information
Part 2: Best pratice for RDM: Data with sensitive information

About the seminar
This seminar is an introduction to best practices for research data management. This includes how to write a solid data management plan, how to structure, document, and preserve the data during the project, and, finally, how to archive and share the data in suitable repositories. Participants also receive information about the UiT institutional archive, UiT Open Research Data, as well as the UiT principles and guidelines for research data management.

In the second half of the seminar, we split in two groups. Participants can choose between i) a group focusing on data containing sensitive information, and ii) a group focusing on data without sensitive information.

The seminar combines theory, plenary discussions, group activities, and individual practice. Participants are expected to be active prior to and during the teaching session. The reading list and other preparatory tasks will be provided well in advance.