How to use an electronic lab notebook

Target audience
All employees and students at UiT who work with, or provide administrative or scientific support to, projects that include working with research data.

45 minutes presentation, including time for questions and comments.

Course calendar and sign-up
See event calendar at the UiT Research Data Portal.

Course material
Powerpoint presentation updated December 2022.

About the course

Documentation of research data is essential during the entire research process. Proper documentation of data and the research process in general, will increase the transparency, reusability, and reproducibility of research. Proper documentation might also make your workflow more efficient.

In this webinar, we will highlight the advantages of using an electronic lab notebook (ELN) and explain how it fits in regard to principles and guidelines for research data management at UiT. The webinar will give you useful information about ELNs in general, how they can be used during the active phase of research data management, and will demonstrate the ELN provider RSpace Enterprise, which is now available to UiT researchers and students. RSpace Enterprise is a flexible ELN that can be used for many types of laboratory work and data management and is considered a legally valid lab notebook. The service is especially useful for research groups and group leaders, as it allows for transparency and collaboration. Join the webinar to learn about the functionalities and possibilities an ELN offer.

The webinar builds on the module “How to structure and document research data”.
The webinar will be followed up by a “hands-on” workshop with demonstrations and the possibility to try out RSpace itself. See our course calendar in the Research data portal for planned workshops.