Every month, starting with Fugitive Pieces in September 2020, we will add a book page. Each book page has a literary introduction to the book written by an international scholar, some information about the history the book reckons with, and some information about the human rights issues brought up. Just click on the titles to see more.

You can use the links below to navigate around the page. We will provide secondary pages with information on the books later on in the project as we approch their month/event. As of now, books for September 2020 – August 2021 all have their own sections.

Book of the Month  

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Books for September – October 2020

  • Fugitive Pieces (1996)
    by Anne Michaels
    with Michael Richardson
  •                                                                                                                                                                     The Underground Railroad (2016)                                                                                              by Colson Whitehead                                                                                                                  with James Dawes                

Book for November 2020

Book for December 2020

Book for January 2021

Book for February 2021

Book for March 2021

Kindness of Enemies (2015)
by Leila Aboulela
with Yasmine Motawy

Book for April 2021

Book for May 2021

Book for June 2021

Burnt Shadows (2009)
by Kamila Shamsie
with Greg Forter

Book for July  2021

Book for August 2021